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10th March: Micro Services + Team Based Iterative Consulting

"The monoliths have you!" screams Kiran Singh. With their "all in one place" tens-of-projects solutions, entangled dependencies and tied down release schedules, they are restricting your creativity and your company's profits. Kiran will show you how Micro Services can lead you to a path of efficient delivery, as Netflix and Amazon, among many, have discovered. 

In addition, James Salt will be giving presentation (part experience report, part manifesto) on the development of a model for team based iterative consultancy. more

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  • #BeyondProjects - Project Management gives way to Investment Themes and Beyond The February meet up was organised as an evening themed by the #BeyondProjects hash tag with Allan Kelly who has championed the Twitter conversation and Paul McCormick, the SkyBet head ...
    Posted 5 Mar 2015, 15:14 by Neil McLaughlin
  • Spine-Tingling Success plus Event Presenter Polish The first talk of this month's meetup was a presentation about presentation skills, presented by Ivor Tymchak. Ivor's key message was that in giving a talk, one is ...
    Posted 2 Feb 2015, 06:12 by Neil McLaughlin
  • Amazing Evening of Festive Lightning Talks At Agile Yorkshire in December,Were Lightning Talks and I remember,Talks of ten minutes, sometimes less,My thoughts on which I'll now express.Grant Crofton, of the Leeds ...
    Posted 19 Dec 2014, 03:35 by Royd Brayshay
  • Motivation and Craftsmanship "What motivates you to get out of bed and leave for work in the morning?" asked Agile Yorkshire stalwart Neil McLaughlin at this November's meet-up. We agreed we ...
    Posted 8 Dec 2014, 15:30 by Royd Brayshay
  • Call for 9th December 2014 Lightning Talks Its an Agile Yorkshire  Xmas tradition to look within our members for the December meetup content and stage an evening of fun and Lightning Talks. Submit ProposalCLOSING FRIDAY 28th ...
    Posted 30 Nov 2014, 11:31 by Royd Brayshay
  • Incitement to murderous deeds and the throttling of flow The much abused term DevOps was the theme of the main presentation of the evening. Like Agile, DevOps seems to be an overloaded term appropriated to mean, variously, automation, system ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:35 by Royd Brayshay
  • Open spaces open minds September's Agile Yorkshire ditched the usual talks in favour of an 'Open Spaces' style gathering. The Open Spaces format gives those in attendance the opportunity to air their views ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:32 by Royd Brayshay
  • Pair presentation on pairing in software delivery teams plus the pared down framework - Nancy The main slot of the evening was delivered by Georgie Mannion and Kev McCabe as a business analyst and developer duet in perfect harmony singing the praises of cross discipline ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:39 by Royd Brayshay
  • An antipodean evening with David Evans and Gwen Diagram David Evans who, along with his partners at Neuri Consulting including Gojko Adzic, are blazing the trail in the world of Specification by Example (SBE) made some specific commitments at ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:44 by Royd Brayshay
  • Nick McKenna disputes the existence of Agile and Craig Norton live codes in AngularJS "There is no Agile"? A bold statement to make to a group that meets under the name of Agile Yorkshire. Nick McKenna was the main speaker at this month's ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:46 by Royd Brayshay
  • Geoff Watts on Servant Leadership & Stew Able on Architecture and Agile Our main speaker this month was Geoff Watts, giving some Agile Yorkshire airtime back to Scrum. Opting to forgo the usual accompaniment of slides, Geoff's face and flipchart were ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:47 by Royd Brayshay
  • Announcing Piksel as a Sponsor Agile Yorkshire has a new sponsor. Piksel have stepped forward to support the Agile Yorkshire community and hence the agile movement in are region. Agile Yorkshire is only able to ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:17 by Royd Brayshay
  • 8th April - Jose Casal and Richard Tasker Once again a capacity audience of software delivery professionals, drawn from across the disciplines, came together for the monthly Agile Yorkshire meetup. The number of people arriving early for the ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 02:48 by Royd Brayshay
  • Rachel Davies on XP @ Unruly and Ray Edgar talks about Implementing Agile/Lean Software Delivery at Enterprise Level If the audience at this month's Agile Yorkshire is taken to be a reasonable representation of the development community at large, it would seem that most organisations have not ...
    Posted 23 Mar 2014, 11:29 by Royd Brayshay
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