Tuesday November 8: Timeboxing, Pomodoro and Scala

Post date: Nov 10, 2011 11:24:56 AM

Lightning talks introduced Timeboxing [source] and The Pomodoro Technique [source] before the meeting split into technical and conceptual streams. In the technical stream, Aaron Pritzlaff introduced Scala, one of the new generation of functional languages design to run on mainstream virtual machines. Take a look below for more information. The conceptual steam featured a free form discussion starting from the role of time in Agile development but wandered constructively onto many topics most memorably around quality.

Thanks to everyone for making this a success.

Aaron's Recommended Links

Scala References

    • The implicit context example I wanted to show is here

    • N-Queens Problem (and other scala features) as taken from "Programming Scala"

    • The read-me on this site also contains links to other useful scala references is here.

    • Leeds Scala User Group

Functional Programming References

Ordered according to my own preference/what I would suggest reading first:

Haskell Books