The 2015 Agile Yorkshire Annual Lightning Talks Competition

Post date: Jun 22, 2016 3:9:39 PM

Standing up and sharing though public speaking is the life blood of Agile Yorkshire's monthly meetup and many of it's speakers travel to Leeds from all around the country. However a few years ago we decided to try to find more speakers from within our community and celebrate their experience, knowledge and diversity with an annual Lightning Talks Competition. This started with a modest four speakers but has now grown to fill the available two hours with nine speaking slots. For 2015 entries were again oversubscribed and while this is unfortunate it's a recognition of it's popularity and success. We open up the event space to get as many people in as possible, we buy mince pies and find a "significant prize" to award to the favourite on the night. This year Steve Trapps was voted by the attendees a worthy winner. Watch them all to judge for yourself.