September 10th - Ian Russell on Pragmatic Dependency Injection & Nick McKenna - Agile: On Time, Under Budget

Post date: Sep 18, 2013 8:2:54 AM

Another sold out Agile Yorkshire this month saw two talks each with a vastly different focus to the other. The thirty minute slot was filled by Nick McKenna giving an experience report of a project he was recently involved with, the following one hour talk was a very developer focused 'Pragmatic Dependency Injection' given by Ian Russell'.

Continuing with Agile Yorkshire's recent theme of agile in the public sector, Nick Mckenna gave a report of a successful agile project delivering a system for the Ministry of Justice. The project had a fixed deadline, however there was flexibility in scope. With the MoJ buying time from the supplier rather than having a contract fixed to functional deliverables, the project was delivered on time and within budget. In an environment of publicity being given to government IT project failures, it is good to see the success stories too.

After a shortened break due to Nick's talk overrunning, Ian Russell took the group back to basics with dependency injection and inversion of control, techniques for making code loosely coupled, and hopefully more maintainable. Ian demonstrated breaking a small class apart and the benefits and different methods of injecting dependencies. Following an in depth look at dependency injection, he went on to show how an IoC container can be added once code is in good shape and the construction and life cycle management of objects becomes sufficiently complex to justify its use.

The evening finished with the regular prize draw, including a newly created tweet of the night award. All prizes donated by our sponsors (NewRedo, O'Reilly, JetBRAINS and Manning).

Finally, thanks to all those who donate time support Agile Yorkshire especially Agile Yorkshire's team of organisers and volunteers.

See you next month,