Call for Speakers - The 2017 Lightning Talk Competition is Back

Post date: Oct 09, 2017 9:42:47 AM

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Call for Speakers closes on Friday 17th NOVEMBER

(slide decks to be submitted by Friday 1st December)

We try our very best to make Agile Yorkshire relevant and useful to everyone who comes and as well as inviting popular industry speakers from around the country we want to balance that with content from members of our own community. However speaking takes practice, confidence must be built and time is required just to pull a talk together. So, for several years now we've run the Xmas Lightning talks Competition on our December date.

The idea is to provide an easy entry platform for new speakers or a fun opportunity for those with more experience. There are prizes for all the speakers and a special prize for the winner voted by all the attendees. Don't worry, everyone is very supportive no matter how your talk unfolds.

If you don't know what a lightning talk is there are lots of resources around and don't worry it's very simple...

A ten minute Lightning Talk for Agile Yorkshire's annual competition should:

  • Probably have a maximum of six slides (maybe none).

  • Be on a topic you already know quite well and can be anything you think our audience will enjoy.

  • Be interesting to our audience but could be about pretty much anything - It doesn't have to be agile related.

  • Be possible to completely script (if that’s your style).

  • Not be a second more than ten minutes.

  • Win you a SIGNIFICANT prize on the night if you put your mind to it.

Here's some of the topics from past events:

  • Hello, this is Windows Support Desk - Not!

  • The One Bad Thing about BDD

  • Finding a School - Code vs MumsNet

  • Why Does Your Browser Think #chucknorris is a Color

  • How cars work

  • Why Triathlon is Better than Football

  • How To Write Bad Code

  • How to Bridge the Dev-DBA chasm?

  • Resistance when Transitioning From Waterfall to Agile Scrum

  • ScrumBan vs Sprint

And don't forget there will be significant speaker prizes on the night.

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