Call for 9th December 2014 Lightning Talks

Post date: Nov 12, 2014 8:19:4 AM

Its an Agile Yorkshire Xmas tradition to look within our members for the December meetup content and stage an evening of fun and Lightning Talks.

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Even if you only have the vaguest of ideas, now is the time to start your career as a speaker. If you're not sure what you’re letting your self in for this may help. A ten minute Lightning Talk for Agile Yorkshire's December 2014 meetup should:

  • Probably have a maximum of four slides (maybe none).

  • Be on a topic you already know quite well.

  • Be interesting to our audience but could be about pretty much anything.

  • Be possible to completely script (if that’s your style).

  • Not be a second more than ten minutes.

  • Win you a SIGNIFICANT prize on the night if you put your mind to it.

Even if all you have is the vaguest idea, sign up now and we'll help you bring it to life. If you have multiple ideas and aren't sure which to use, that's fine we'll help you pick the right one.

Just a flavour of some of the topics submitted so far:

  • Omnisharp, developing .NET code without Visual Studio

  • Finding a School - Code vs MumsNet

  • Build an Interpreter in 24 Hours!

  • How cars work

  • 10 simple ways to help your team run like clockwork

  • How To Write Bad Code

  • Agile and Knowledge Management: A match made in heaven, or hell on earth?

  • Success in business is short-sighted

  • ScrumBan vs Sprint

Also did we mention there will be significant speaker prizes on the night.

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