Announcing Piksel as a Sponsor

Post date: Apr 17, 2014 8:50:37 AM

Agile Yorkshire has a new sponsor. Piksel have stepped forward to support the Agile Yorkshire community and hence the agile movement in are region. Agile Yorkshire is only able to run in the way it does, attracting some of the best speakers and developing local industry leadership, through the help of sponsors like Piksel. Here's what Piksel have said...

"Piksel is proud to sponsor Agile Yorkshire - to support their mission to champion software development in the region and build a centre of excellence. Piksel has an extensive track record in the delivery of OTT Solutions to some of the world’s largest broadcasters and has been involved in some of the earliest pioneering implementations. Customers include; BSkyB, Liberty Global, OSN and 4oD. Delivering the best in OTT solutions, with the expertise to manage even the most complex integrations, Piksel stands with those redefining the frontiers of viewing.

Piksel's headquartered in New York with offices worldwide. Established in 2001 the UK Head Office is based in York Science Park. With circa 200 involved in software development and managed services, Piksel is an environment where technical people thrive, where they can be hands on and find variety from the breadth of high profile clients. The company continuously invests in new approaches and strives to improve its delivery processes. Piksel looks to Agile Yorkshire as one source of inspiration in a pragmatic approach to project delivery."