Agents of Change from Jon Fulton

Post date: Mar 14, 2018 1:7:55 PM

Change is a big part of the lean / agile culture either in the form of continuous improvement or continually adapting to customer needs or changing market conditions. Because of this we're all agent of change at some level. However anyone who has tried to influence the actions of people around them, from a leadership role or not, will appreciate that resistance to change is alive and well in us all. It may be attractive to regard this as a failing of others, but people do things for a reason and those reasons are often deeply seated and long standing; probably built on past experiences and painful lessons. The lessons of our past are not likely to be swept aside easily. Jon Fulton asks us to consider this and question if we, as agents of change can do better and be less frustrated by the reluctance of other to follow our guidance. How can we become more effective as a result.