2013 Roundup

Post date: Jan 13, 2014 2:8:27 PM

At at December Lightning Talk Competition last month we presented a short round up of statistics for 2013. They show some great results with community growth and participation increasing significantly. It seems worthwhile to publish them here for wider viewing. We've got lots more plans for Agile Yorkshire, both to make our community more vibrant as well as support the Yorkshire region in any way we can. Roll on 2014.

Website Traffic (Period 11/12/12 - 10/12/13)

  • Most metrics have roughly doubled.

  • Unique visitors up 80% to 4,300.

  • Page views up 108% to 15.5K.

  • Unique visits up 115% to 7,800.

  • Time spent on site per visit up by a third.

Past December Lightning Talk Competitions Compared

Verdict: Community participation way up!

Attendance 2013

  • 531 (in 11 meetups - due to no Jan meetup last year).

  • 220 bottles of beer drunk.

  • 29 speakers have presented.

  • We needed to start using the Eventbrite waiting list feature in April.

The Newsletter

  • Regular monthly newsletter started in June.

  • 2733 sent out to date.

  • Mailing list doubled to 430.

The Discussion Group

We started using the LinkedIn forum more actively in August and still need to work at it if we would like to see more activity. However the LinkedIn group has grown by 83% to 359 this year.