Wed 12th June: Tom Hoyland - Building and Growing an Agile Team plus Jon Fulton - The Art of The Possible

Post date: Jun 06, 2019 7:5:50 AM

Bio: With a background in software engineering, product development and service transformation, Tom likes to get under the bonnet of products and teams to understand what makes them tick and how they could be better. He’s led a range of agile and digital transformations, working with organisations to develop high performing, resilient cultures that go on to create innovative products and services. A host of Agile Sheffield and regular speaker at agile and DevOps meetups, Tom likes to tell the stories of teams and their journeys, weaving together case studies, research, insights and metrics.

Twitter: @thatAgile

Tom Hoyland - Building and Growing an Agile TeamHow would you build a team from scratch? What techniques would you use? What metrics should you respond to? In this talk you’ll see how we assembled a team, embedded agile values, a DevOps mindset and a clear purpose to create a squad with an infectious, high performing culture. We’ll demonstrate the coaching and visualisation techniques we used to reduce batch size and improve quality. You’ll see how to reveal ‘hidden’ product backlogs, make the invisible visible, and use domain driven design, theory of constraints and language to optimise team resilience.

Jon Fulton - The Art of The PossibleWe here much about the state of agile in 2019. Fake agile, returns to waterfall and the resurgence of command and control. Jon will tell you a story about software delivery. It's a story of success against the odds by a great team. Jon hopes to restore your optimism as he tells you about 'The Art of The Possible'.

Bio: Jon is an independent software delivery professional who helps to build high performance software delivery teams and helps organisations to grow lean, agile and DevOps delivery cultures. He is usually engaged in roles such as scrum master, agile coach and agile delivery lead.

Twitter: @JonFultonUk