Tuesday 17th March: Gwen Diagram - Satisfaction with Abstraction, From Individual Contributor to Leadership plus Sophie Weston - Designing Teams

Post date: Mar 05, 2020 4:50:8 PM

Unfortunatly we have to announce that this event will NOT NOW GO AHEAD on the 17th March. Due to the unfolding situation with COVID-19 Anaplan have taken the difficult decision to cancel all upcoming events in all offices globally. We will be reviewing the situation over the next few weeks and hopefully the event will be rescheduled at the earliest opportunity.

Bio: Creating and running software is a team sport and yet all too often the way that technology teams themselves are created and run is left too much to chance. In this talk, Sophie will look at some of the ways that we can make our technology teams better by design.

Twitter: @srwestons

Agile Yorkshire goes on tour. We’ve decided to reach out some of the amazing companies in our region and take Agile Yorkshire on the road. For March the Agile Yorkshire meetup has moved to York and will be hosted by our own regional unicorn Anaplan, from their super cool offices in The Bonding Warehouse, Terry Ave, York YO1 6FA

Anaplan started life 2006 on the kitchen table of York based Michael Gould and is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has operations in over 13 countries, has raised over $250 million in funding, has over one thousand employees and a valuation of well over the billion dollars giving it true “unicorn” status.

Gwen Diagram - Satisfaction with Abstraction, From Individual Contributor to Leadership

What are the attributes of a great leader? An image that often comes to mind is JFK and his speech about the moon landing. Someone who can bring others along with their ideas. However, there is a lot more to being a great leader than just selling ideas. Leadership should also focus on caring for others and helping them to become the best that they can be.

Gwen moved from being an individual contributor to a leadership role a few years ago. Moving from being an individual contributor on a team to being in more of a support function is hard. It’s easy to put pressure on yourself to be the superhero and as with the superheroes in comics, it's tolling on your mental health. Most people get energy and satisfaction from working together in a team or completing tasks but, when the team is taken away and the tasks are abstract, how can you continue to get satisfaction?

Bio: Gwen Diagram is a technology professional from Leeds who specialises in testing. She is an avid automation evangelist with a focus on testing complemented by repeatable build processes with monitoring. She has had varied roles throughout her career including Scrum Master at a Start Up, Engineering Manager at a bank and DevOps kid at a large Financial Services organisation.

As a strong believer in making the tech industry as open and punk as possible, she co-organises a twice yearly free day long testing conference called the Leeds Testing Atelier. She speaks regularly at local meet-up groups, Agile Yorkshire and Leeds DevOps, duels with creative types at events like the Tech Off, speaks internationally at conferences such as Nordic Testing Days in Tallinn and was the closing keynote at Agile on the Beach in Falmouth, UK in 2018.

Outside of work, you will usually find her hanging around a Natural History Museum somewhere in the world marvelling at how incredibly excellent dinosaurs are, feeding pigeons or ducks or obsessing over transport."

Twitter: @gwendiagram Website: https://diagramindustries.com/

Sophie Weston - Designing Teams

Sophie has spent over twenty years working in technology as a software engineer and DevOps advocate. Also active in the wider tech community, she is an Ambassador for Women in Tech York and a co-organiser of the DevOpsDays London conference.