Tues. 9th June: Bob Marshall - The Antimatter Principle and Eva Barabas - #choicesTELFringe, a Hackathon with a Twist

Post date: Jun 01, 2015 5:51:40 PM

Bio: Bob has deep technical knowledge, combined with unparalleled understanding of the dynamics of business, and extensive experience in helping people realise their true potential. Throughout, he has consistently inspired people to improve their effectiveness – along with the effectiveness of their teams and organisations. He spent three years as founder and CEO of Familiar, Europe’s UK’s first one hundred percent Agile software house and digital consultancy start-up, serving major Digital Business clients in Telecoms, Finance, Travel, Media, and eBusiness. He has for the past fifteen years headed Falling Blossoms – a Digital Business Consultancy advising organisations how best to go about applying Digital to achieving their business objectives.

Eva Barabas - #choicesTELFringe, a Hackathon with a Twist (or how I ended up organising and participating in a different kind of hackathon)

Bob Marshall - The Antimatter Principle

What are the biggest obstacles to you achieving your goals at work and in life? Are these obstacles fundamental, or symptomatic of something deeper? In this session I invite you to consider these questions and discuss them with me and the other folks attending.

As a developer I love hackathons, but it always feels like the project is doomed to shelving after I spend all this time and effort as I won't be able to come back to it with the right skill set to make it into something users will actually use. I mean we've leaned *insert new shiny tech. here* but is our project going to actually be useful for anyone? So, how about a user-centric hackathon - with product owners, user insights, designers + UXers, devs. and so on in open dental? Could it work?Come to the talk and you'll find out.

Bio: Eva Barabas, Software Engineer preferring Ruby @ NHS Choices. Passionate about the tech. community, medical and educational tech. spaces and keen to mentor and coach people who want to enter this space. Occasional hackathon attendee and organiser.