September 10th - Ian Russell on Pragmatic Dependency Injection & Nick McKenna - Agile: On Time, Under Budget

Post date: Aug 13, 2013 4:31:37 PM

Understanding dependency Injection and inversion of control from first principles may feel a little dull, but liberation from the vagaries of framework fashion and getting back to genuine home cooking should bring joy to all. Ian Russell, co-founder of and community veteran is here as master chef. Nick McKenna is also appearing with an agile success story from the public sector no less. The days may be shortening but the sun is shining down on some.

Ian Russell: Pragmatic Dependency Injection

As .NET developers we have been raised by Microsoft to believe that every problem can be addressed with a tool. When it comes to loose coupling, DI Containers look like enabling technology, but it's really, really important to realize that the solution doesn't lie with the tool. It lies in the understanding that DI (or Inversion of Control) is a fundamentally different way to reason about and design software.

Bio: Ian Russell has nearly 20 experience as a hands-on software developer/solution architect, specialising in data-intensive OLTP solutions on the Microsoft stack. He is a regular speaker at user groups throughout the Midlands delivering sessions on a range of topics including ASP.NET MVC, MicroORMs, RavenDb, MongoDb and Dependency Injection. He is a co-founder of CraftyCoders (, a principles-focused user group for the West Midlands .Net community.

Nick McKenna: Agile: On Time, Under Budget

The story of how we delivered a government exemplar transaction on time and under budget when everyone said it couldn't be done. This is an Agile success story!

Bio: Nick is the founder and CEO of McKenna Consultants and takes a very "hands on" approach to the business. Nick's passion for quality software is what drives the organisation forward, implementing Agile principles and practices throughout the entire business. Nick graduated from Hull University with a First Class Degree in Computer Sciences. Since then he has gained invaluable experience over 14 years in the software industry, from writing the world's first eProcurement electronic invoice system to controlling the computer drivers on racing computer games! Nick also holds his Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional awards and speaks regularly at Agile Software Development conferences.