Mon 18th September: Adrian Frost and Ian Franklin - Conflict Doesn't Have to Mean Confrontation, a co-created event plus Gwen Diagram - How Becoming T-Shaped Can Cause a Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Post date: Sep 11, 2017 4:11:22 PM

Most software products emerge from teams of people collaborating together, but the quality and style of that collaboration can have a considerable influence on any outcome. Any group of people working together needs time to form but is there a way for individuals or organisations to get better at that? Any improvements would surly make a difference to product development outcomes and therefor be commercially worth while? This month we'll be exploring team interaction with three speakers: Adrian Frost and Ian Franklin from IdeaSmiths and Gwen Diagram, long standing Agile Yorkshire participant and current testing superstar at Sky.

Adrian Frost and Ian Franklin - Conflict Doesn't Have to Mean Confrontation - a co-created event

Conflict is an inevitable part of day to life yet many people find it challenging to deal with– it can make us feel uncomfortable, it can affect the performance of our team and it can cause organisations to lose talent. By drawing on the conflicts you face (or fear to face!) Adrian will facilitate a shared learning experience, exploring the challenges, opportunities and creative solutions that conflict can bring. Ian will also add his own deep understanding of people and psychology to help us understand why we do what we do, and how we can change. During the highly interactive session we will learn from each other, we will learn about ourselves and we will learn some new approaches to help us be better equipped to face whatever conflicts we might encounter.

Bio: Adrian Frost is Managing Partner at IdeaSmiths LLP. Adrian’s specialist expertise is in organisational change and coaching. He has nearly 20 years of experience as a Management Consultant, soft skills development practitioner and coach. Adrian was the innovation and creativity Champion for Anglo Dutch steel company Corus and lead Change Agent for a £1.4Bn virtual Shared Services organisation. Since becoming an independent consultant Adrian has been involved in organisational change with a variety of Public Sector, Private Sector and third sector clients – including global law firms, banks, Universities, the NHS, Nigerian CAA etc. Adrian teaches in Sheffield Business School and has spoken at a number of national conferences. He has published work on values based leadership and building a values based culture.

Ian Franklin is a Partner at IdeaSmiths LLP. Ian’s specialist expertise as a Chartered Psychologist is helping organisations engage with employees/users, teams to work better together and leaders to develop. He has over 20 years’ experience in employee engagement, inter-organisational teams (mainly with IT suppliers), and organisational change projects. He worked as an internal consultant in the Public Sector at a senior level on major change and IT projects, he is currently Principle User Researcher with NHS Digital.

Twitter: @IdeaSmithsLLP Website:

Gwen Diagram - How Becoming T-Shaped Can Cause a Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

In small teams, it’s common for people to share roles such as Scrum Master / Tester / Dev but in a lot of cases there are conflicting interests. How can a Tester adequately test when as a Scrum Master the highest priority is assisting the team to deliver? This is an experience report from when Gwen was working at a start up with a shared role of Tester, Scrum Master and DevOps and how the role affected her thinking when context switching to different roles. For example, how on more than one occasion, the scepticism of the Tester had to pull the optimism of the Scrum Master back to reality and then how the results of the testing were overshadowed by the need for the team to deliver. The T-shaped person is often looked upon as an incredibly valued member of the team but on becoming T-shaped has the person become a watered down version of their primary role?

Bio: Gwen Diagram is a Tester/DevOps kid and a Scrum Master from Leeds, UK. She's experienced the Ops side of when releases go wrong and the Testing side of when issues make their way up to live. She's also dabbled in the dark arts of Scrum Master and gotten far too involved with databases in the past. She’s currently working at Sky as a Tester and enjoys spending most her day trying to make releases a non event. She's a bit of a conference junkie and can usually be found at Testing, DevOps or Agile conferences or occasionally be found dragging her Developer all over the world building crazy systems in very little time using CI and CD.

Twitter: @gwendiagram