January 10th - Adam Mitchell: Hello... I'm Your Project Manager! plus Kev McCabe: The Agile Fluency Model

Post date: Jan 04, 2017 10:47:50 PM

Agile is about teams and people, and the success of any project will depend on it team(s). Team fluency is more than the capabilities of the team members. There is also the management structures, relationships, and company culture, as well as the tools, practices and technologies that the team use. Many agile teams have plateaued, while we all know that continuous improvement is a foundation of agile, many teams has stopped making these improvements. They lose the benefits that can be had for themselves and the company. The Agile Fluency Model will help guide a pathway through many of these issues and work with the wider business to incorporate them into the agile process. Bio: Kev has worked with large corporations in the Finance, Media, E-commerce and Logistics spaces. He’s currently a freelance code smith, coach & trainer; With a passion to improve developers from the ground up in all areas of development. He also has a huge Interest in all things Agile since 2002, mainly XP, but of late Scrum & Kanban having become a Certified Scrum Master in 2012 and Accredited Kanban Practitioner in 2013 and SAFe agilist in 2015.


Adam Mitchell: Hello... I'm Your Project Manager

The dichotomy between agile teams and traditional management has plagued my world for the past few years. I look at scenarios you might come up against and how I've tried to deal with them to allow companies to transform into an agile way of delivery.

Bio: Agile coach and triathlete. Spent the last 14yrs working in IT around Leeds/Manchester. Left development behind and moved into helping companies with agile transformation programs.

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Kev McCabe: The Agile Fluency Model