9th August, Coding Dojo

Post date: Aug 02, 2011 9:53:55 AM

The plan so far from Grant and Craig ...

6:30 Lightning talk - Intro to TDD

6:45 Intro to Katas in general (inc. pair programming) and description of tonight's problem

7:00 Kata

7:45 Retrospective

8:00 Same Kata, different pair

8:45 Retrospective

9:00 Pub!

For some background check out this blog post:

Since we are using the "Glaswegian" model (cf: blog post above) we will need at least one laptop per pair so people will need to bring laptops with an IDE which supports testing installed. Feel free to code in the language of your choice but we may struggle to offer "expert assistance" for some languages!

Let me (neil.mclaughlin@agileyorkshire.org) know if any of these points cause you a problem and we will try to find a solution.

More details to follow in the next few days.