9th April, Ryan Haney, Hitchhiker's Guide to UX + Phil Rice, Lean Startup

Post date: Mar 18, 2013 7:46:6 AM

Ryan Haney and the Hitchiker's Guide to UX

User Experience is now one of the fastest growing segments in software and web development, but what does that mean for you if you're a developer and why all the fuss? This interactive session will help you better understand Design and User Experience and will give you some easy skills to help you practice on your own. It will also help you to get more out of the working relationship between engineers and designers to ultimately help you to create better products. If you've ever really wondered what UX is all about or want a deeper understanding of how it's done, skills to learn or are thinking about moving in to User Experience from development this will be perfect for you.

Phil Rice on Lean Startups

Agile software development is a powerful tool for developing software that meets the customer's wants (not needs!). It doesn't help define what those want's should be. For an startup this is particularly challenging as very often the customers don't exist, or cannot express their desires.

Lean Startup is a way of applying agile principles to new Startups and Innovative products. This talk shows how these principles can be applied to the whole company not just the Sofwtware Development Team


Ryan is a User Experience Specialist, facilitator and teacher. As a life-long generalist, he's come to see the positive side of being a creative generalist and is now the @happygeneralist. He's passionate about manipulating knowledge to solve challenging problems and using visual tools to enable people to collaborate. Previous talks he's given include a series of talks on Innovation games and collaboration based on his creation of Collab Lab have been well recieved at various conferences and rated the top workshop at Agile Cambridge and UX Cambridge.

Phil has worked in software development since 1987. His career started in the Nuclear Industry, putting robots that inspect and repair Nuclear Power stations. Waving a 6 foot long jet of plasma inside a reactor is a good way of encouraging a focus on requirements and testing. Phil has been using Agile development methodologies since 1999. For 10 years he has lead a startup which grew from 2 people to 70 at its peak. The startup he is currently working for is working on a combination of crowd sourcing, social networking and skills management.