8th November, Timeboxing & Pomodoro, Functional Programming & Scala

Post date: Nov 06, 2011 1:8:43 AM

18:30-19:00 Starters - Networking And Lightning Talks:

Introductions to Timeboxing and Pomodoro

19:00-21:00 Main Course

Functional Programming & Scala or

Agile Time

21:00 onwards Drinks@Pub

For November 2011, Agile Yorkshire presents concurrent technical and

conceptual streams. Before this choice of main course from 19:00,

choose a starter from classic networking or introductory talks. Please

come along, sample and tell us what you think of this tasty


As always, thanks to Old Broadcasting House[1], Leeds for letting us

use their great space.

The Menu


Lightning Talks (Robert Burrell Donkin[2])

Introduction to Timeboxing[3]: a key Agile technique, from the ground up

Introduction to The Pomodoro Technique[4]: a deceptively simple

(and Agile) way of improving personal focus and concentration (built

on timeboxing)

Main Course


Technical Stream: Functional Programming & Scala (Aaron Pritzlaff)


There has been a noticeable shift recently towards functional

programming. But what is functional programming, and what does it mean

for us? Is it a code style, paradigm shift, or just a popular


Aaron Pritzlaff has been writing object-oriented code since the mid

90s in C++, Java and .NET. He’s taken an interest in the rise of

alternative JVM languages these past few years, Scala in particular.

Though he’s no expert, he has written several projects in Scala, and

is now a keen advocate of it as the next big language.

At November’s Agile Yorkshire meet-up, Aaron will give a brief

introduction into functional programming: what it is, why it is a

viable alternative to object-oriented and imperative programming, and

how it can be used to write simpler, decoupled and more testable

software. Following this there will be a brief introduction to the

Scala programming language, and why it is in fact the bees knees.

Conceptual Stream: Agile Time (moderated by Robert Burrell Donkin)


Bring along and share your questions and opinions for a Park Bench

Panel[5] on the topic of time. Conversation on the bench wanders

wonderfully but we'll start where the lightning talks finished. The

Pomodoro Technique is a deceptively simple - but subtle - way of

improving personal focus and concentration. Pomodoro shares much with

Agile: timeboxing, iterative improvement and empiricism but is backed

by psychological and biology mind science. What can Agile developers

learn from Pomodoro?

[1] http://www.oldbroadcastinghouse.com/

[2] http://robertburrelldonkin.name

[3] http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2004/10/timeboxing/

[4] http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/