8th March, Tony Heap: Agile By Stealth - A Step By Step Guide plus Chris Roberts: People-Driven-Agile (at Home Office Digital)

Post date: Feb 29, 2016 8:20:42 PM

Tony Heap: Agile By Stealth - A Step By Step Guide

One thing I’ve noticed about agile is that it’s difficult to really understand it unless you’ve actually done it. This makes it tricky to *sell* agile – especially to people who are used to a plan-driven (waterfall) approach. In other words pretty much everyone who hasn’t already gone agile. In my experience, agile delivery is just too different from waterfall for some folk to jump in head first. It is, however, possible to take people on a journey from waterfall towards agile delivery that doesn’t involve too much of a leap of faith. In this presentation I’m going to describe a step-by-step strategy that I’ve used a few times with some success. Bio: Tony Heap is a freelance agile coach / trainer / scrum master / business analyst designer based in Yorkshire. He has worked for all sorts of clients including YBS Group, ASDA, Morrisons, NHS, DoH, RWE nPower, Arcadia, BT, BarclayCard and Egg, in some cases partnering with local consultancies such as BJSS and Answer Consulting. In his spare time he likes to share his experiences and ideas on his blog www.its-all-design.com. He is particularly interested in agile approaches and how they apply to business analysis. He is a requirements denier. @tonyheapuk www.its-all-design.com

Chris Roberts: People-Driven-Agile (at Home Office Digital)

The most fundamental part in any transition towards being Agile is people. Agile requires a mindset change towards empowerment which people often fear. You hear a lot of people say focus on people, but not often backed up by HOW, giving real examples of ways you can do this. This talk will be a real case study focusing on the Home Office Digital UK North Hub. It is that start up that's not a start up. Presented in this anecdotal journey we will cover the many hats of Lean Start Up, defining our culture and team values and how we tailored our Agile ways of working to our people, as opposed to shoehorning people into a methodology or framework. Bio: Chris is an Agile Practitioner who works with a range of organisations from start ups to Corporates to understand their problems and enable them to work more effectively. His work in both Coaching and Delivery through his brand Nimble, varies from Portfolio right down to team level. Whilst having practical use of Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP (to name a few), above else Chris loves working with people, treating them as the individuals in order to find out the best solution for them. @chrisrobertsuk www.nimbleapproach.com