14th July: Hexagonal Architectures (Ian Cooper) + Making Use of Data Visualisation for Software Development (Ming Huang)

Post date: Jun 23, 2015 3:4:37 PM

Bio: Ian Cooper has over 20 years of experience delivering Microsoft platform solutions in government, healthcare, and finance. During that time he has worked for the DTI, Reuters, Sungard, Misys, Beazley, and Huddle delivering everything from bespoke enterprise solutions, 'shrink-wrapped' products, and cloud services to thousands of customers. Ian is a passionate exponent of Software Craftsmanship and Agile Architecture. When he is not writing code he is also the and founder of the London .NET user group and speaks at events throughout the UK.


Ian Cooper: Hexagonal Architectures

The term 'hexagonal architecture' has come back and forth in popularity since Alistair Cockburn first mooted it, with the Rails community's recent soul searching over its importance or threat just the latest. So what is a hexagonal architecture, why might you want to use one, and why is the 'Rails just falls away' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg5RFeSfBM4) threat so discomforting to web framework builders. In .NET how can we make 'ASP.NET just fall away'.

Bio: Web Frontend Architect at Panintelligence. Passionate about Web Frontend Development, Quality Control, Design Good Practices, Usability, Business Intelligence.

Ming Huang: Making Use of Data Visualisation for Software Development

I'll introduce how companies can make use of Data Visualisation to improve Software Development. This includes:

- What I mean by Data Visualisation

- Why Data Visualisation

- How does it relate to software development

- Basic design guidelines and good practices related to Data Visualisation