14th Jan. Simon Davy on Feature Flags in Production + Phil Rice and Constraint Driven Development

Post date: Dec 10, 2013 1:22:39 AM

We're opening the new year on a technical note with Simon Davy from Canonical reflecting on his experiences using feature toggles within a release strategy and Phil Rice is back to to cover Constraint Driven Development. Hopefully recovered and recharged after the festive season we've all managed to settled back into the sustainable pace that was present before the festivities started. If not Agile Yorkshire is here to help inspire your start to 2014.

Simon Davy on Feature Flags in Production

A retrospective on 2 years of using feature flags to control users exposure to changes. Will cover the nature of feature flags and our motivations for using them, as well as problems encountered and challenges we had in managing them. Will provide some specific examples in a python Django application using the Disqus' Gargoyle library.

Phil Rice and Constraint Driven Development

Constraint Driven Development or CDD is an extension of Behaviour Driven Development and Test Driven Development.

CDD is programming style that specifies computational problems using tests and then giving small fragments of code that satisfy that particular test. The CDD library is responsible for delivering a fully working tested system from these fragments

This talk will look at an open source Scala CDD library and show how it can be used to solve problems.

Bio: An academic who crossed the divide into industry with no regrets. Currently working for Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, in the Online Services group. Interests involve building distributed systems and good user experiences. I help to run WyPy, the West Yorkshire Python User Group, and am starting to get involved with teaching CS in schools. He tweets @bloodearnest.

Bio: Phil started his career writing control systems for robots that inspect and repair Nuclear Reactor. Since then he has worked on large websites, and for the last 10 years he worked as founder then CTO of the company Erudine

Currently he is CTO of The Agile Consultancy