14th April: Transforming NHS Choices With Agile & Lean UX plus Legacy Code... What's that all about?

Post date: Apr 06, 2015 12:3:29 PM

Kevin Murray & Joe McGrath: Transforming NHS Choices With Agile & Lean UX

We're in the early stages of transforming NHS Choices, Europe's largest digital health service. We'd like to tell you about how we're putting users at the heart of the new service, our ongoing delivery approach and some of the challenges we've faced along the way.

We'll be sharing practical Agile and Lean UX techniques you can use to get to know your users better, including:

  • understanding user needs

  • assumption mapping

  • testing hypotheses

  • affinity sorting

  • task-based personas

  • user journey mapping

  • user research

  • low-fidelity prototyping

Note: This talk is a preview of the one Joe and Kevin are giving at the excellent upcoming Agile Manchester for which Agile Yorkshire mailing list subscribers have already received a discount code. We will be repeating the code in the next mail-shot so subscribe to ensure you get the code.


Kevin is a Delivery Director at Valtech with 20 years experience in the industry. Passionate about Agile in the Public Sector, Kevin manages and oversees the successful digital transformation of GDS exemplars for the Department of Work and Pensions, including the phenomenally successful Carer's Allowance digital service. He is also highly regarded as an expert on the subject of Public Sector Agile, and permeates his working life with running for charity. From day one, Kevin has helped in shaping Valtech's approaches to integrating our proven software engineering and agile delivery capabilities with increasing user centricity, user informed development and creative practices.

Joe works as a Delivery Manager and Team Lead at NHS Choices. He has fifteen years’ experience of working as a Developer, Architect, Technical Lead and Coach. He realised during his Physics degree that it was way more fun to write code for a local startup and play frisbee in the park. Since then he's worked in advertising and digital agencies, broadcast media and healthcare, and played frisbee in parks around the world. He's spent the last five years working in and around the NHS - helping teams to work more effectively.

Bio: Krystan has been programming since his first computer which was a loaned ZX81. Since that time he has been writing code. Since then he has gone through Acorn Electrons, Amigas and then on to pcs. He is currently a contractor with a focus on .net and work mainly in the Yorkshire/Lancashire regions. He wakes up each day and pinches himself for being lucky enough to get a job doing what he loves

Krystan Honour: Legacy Code... What's that all about?

How many times have we as programmers decided we need to replace something because it is "Legacy" or that brownfield development is not exciting. Why are all these developers churning out this stuff, and are you sure you aren't ? And is legacy a bad thing ?