13th May Meetup - Geoff Watts and Stew Able

Post date: Apr 15, 2014 7:53:10 AM

Over the past few months we've heard Rachel Davies talk about XP, Ray Edgar touch on SAFe and Jose Casal dip into Kanban. This month its the turn of Scrum to get some attention from Geoff Watts. As a card carrying Scrum trainer he’s about as experienced as they come and a popular conference speaker to boot. The opportunity to pick his brains in a setting as intimate as Agile Yorkshire is rare. Balancing the process methodology with engineering Stew Able puts architecture into the spotlight and fills the support slot by exploring its place in the agile world.

Geoff Watts - Scrum Mastery

One of the differences between the good agile teams and the great agile teams is the degree to which self-organisation has been established within the team. This, in turn, is largely down to the effectiveness of the culture of servant-leadership and enablement. This session will be introduce you to some key concepts and techniques you can use to improve this culture within your team and your organisation

Bio: As an experienced and passionate servant-leader myself, I work with bold, forward-thinking leaders who recognise the value in creating engaged, autonomous and creative teams but aren't quite sure how to do this. I offer training and ongoing coaching support to help them develop a culture of reflection and self-empowerment that helps create productive, mindful and motivated teams

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Stew Abel - Architecture and Agile

What is architecture? How does it fit in to an agile process? Do we even need architecture? We'll explore these questions and see how we can ensure our systems are still designed well in the face of changing requirements.Bio: Stew is a software developer and owner of Grupetto Software. He has an interest in applying agile methods and techniques, helping software delivery teams to improve their processes.

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