13th July Rachel Davies: Building Trust in Agile Teams

Post date: Jun 03, 2010 10:26:0 PM


Agile software development depends on close collaboration. If we don't trust our team mates or our managers, this can block collaboration on the team. Being able to build trust is an essential skill for agile coaches which is covered in Rachel's Agile Coaching book. Come along to this talk to find out some simple ways that you can start building trust on the teams you work with.


Rachel Davies has a wealth of experience through her work coaching agile teams. Her new book "Agile Coaching" shares many practical tips that can help you take your teams to the next level. Rachel supports the agile community as a long-serving director of the non-profit Agile Alliance and as an organiser of many Agile conferences.

Follow Rachel's blog at http://agilecoach.typepad.com/

Lightening Talk

Kiran Singh will also be talking about developer motivation and professional development

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