13th January, Martin Sumner, Spine - An Agile Case study + Ivor Tymchak, How to present with confidence

Post date: Jan 06, 2015 12:53:10 PM

Martin Sumner: Spine - An Agile Case study

The Spine II core replacement programme was the pilot major programme for the use of Agile techniques in the Department of Health - and this was a significant change of path for what had been a central part of the much criticised NHS National Programme for IT. Has the project been successful? Has Agile been important to the project? What have we learnt for the future?

Bio: Having initially worked in the field of data networking, Martin has switched in the past ten years to focus on the operation and development of distributed systems. Martin most recently worked as the Technical Lead on the Spine II programme - replacing the central NHS IT messaging service for demographics, prescriptions and summary clinical information.


Bio: Ivor is a freethinker, artist and professional speaker. He compères Bettakultcha and sometimes does stand-up comedy. His overriding concern as a human being is considering the question 'how should we live?'

Ivor Tymchak: How to present with confidence.

An introduction on how to present with confidence so that your ideas are communicated successfully.