13th August, Joe Roberts, Service Oriented Architecture vs Monolithasaurus + David Bryant, Agile – so what’s that all about then?

Post date: Jul 09, 2013 3:25:10 PM

Agile Yorkshire is all about real people doing real things inside real teams. This month showcases two of the regions agile practitioners at opposite ends of the enterprise scale. Joe is part of a fantastically entrepreneurial Yorkshire business and David represents one of the highest profile NHS web teams.

Joe Roberts: Service Oriented Architecture Vs Monolithasaurus

Joe is head of engineering at Magnolia Box and CTO of hydra.io (an API for building and profiting from digital image based applications). He is passionate about building resilient, scalable software, frequently using a service-oriented approach. When not shipping code, Joe likes racing sailing, mountain biking and adventure.

David Bryant: Agile – so what’s that all about then?

SOA is an approach to application design that allows us to build robust, scalable software. This is not about scary enterprise systems, this is about building applications with interoperable, lean services that can provide incredible flexibility and freedom. You will learn the pros (and cons) of this approach, and how you can apply it to your own projects. Using common idioms like REST, HTTP and message queues, complex applications can appear simple again. Simplicity leads to better design, increased agility and developer happiness.

David has worked in development for his entire career; as an academic, consultant and public servant, across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Since 2007, David has been working for the Health and Social Care Information Centre where he is responsible for leading a team that delivers systems of national importance with a view to improving patient and people care.

Over the past few years we (the IT Development team) have been on a journey of development and increasing 'agile' maturity. In the beginning it was not an obvious direction and did not have anything as fancy as strategic thinking. Now as our maturity increases the challenges we face are quite different than they were in the beginning and moving beyond our sphere of influence. The presentation will describe the journey so far our changing perspectives and some of our experiences and challenges along the way.