13th April, BDD using Cucumber + Agile Business Intelligence Testing

Post date: Mar 02, 2010 11:28:37 AM

[Note: 6:45 start this month only]

Behaviour Driven Development using Cucumber

While tools for Behaviour Driven Development like Rspec in Ruby have been aimed towards programmers and dealing with classes and objects, Cucumber is aimed at filling the communication gap between customers, programmers and testers. In Cucumber we build a personalised plain text domain language to talk about the applications behaviour that non-technical users can understand and write. With Ruby mappings we turn the plain text into executable tests. We'll look at working outside-in with Cucumber and the importance of having a customer's business value as a direction, which helps us drive towards producing the minimal marketable feature. Looking also at how to use Cucumber with various programming languages. And some of the challenges of trying to introduce Cucumber into an agile environment.

Joseph Wilk is a member of the core development team for Cucumber. He has been developing for the web for 10 years in both big and small companies and as an entrepreneur. After stints working with Java and Python he finally found Ruby. He now spends his time in-between eating Cucumbers working at songkick.com. Having more fun than is healthy working as a Software Gardener building web systems and working on open source projects. He suffers from test obsession and has given up hope of any treatment. (http://blog.josephwilk.net/about)

Agile Business Intelligence Testing

Andy Barker, a Technical Specialist in the Business Intelligence development team at HML in Skipton, will provide an experience report on the team's journey so far in bringing automated testing to data warehousing using Fitnesse and dbFit: what has worked, what hasn't, and what is still proving a challenge. It will include demo's of the tools in action.