12th May: Tony Heap - There's No Such Thing as a Requirement, Andy Burgin - Devops Evolution

Post date: May 07, 2015 10:32:21 PM

Tony Heap - There's No Such Thing as a RequirementAs IT professionals we spend a lot of time worrying about requirements - gathering them, eliciting them, analysing them, delivering them. The problem, though, is that there's actually no such thing as a requirement. In this session I will explain what I mean by this, and how a subtle mindset shift can result in better outcomes for software delivery projects.

Bio: Tony Heap is a freelance Agile Coach / ScrumMaster / Business Analyst Designer based in Yorkshire. He has worked for all sorts of clients including YBS Group, ASDA, Morrisons, NHS, RWE Npower, Arcadia, BT, BarclayCard, Egg, Pearl Assurance and Willis Corroon. In his spare time he likes to share his experiences and ideas on his blog www.its-all-design.com. He is particularly interested in agile approaches and how they apply to business analysis. He is a requirements denier. Follow Tony on Twitter @tonyheapuk.

Andy Burgin: Devops Evolution

It's been over a year since Andy presented a Devops 101 at Agile Yorkshire, this talk will recap on those basic Devops principles and discuss the current approaches to adoption in the enterprise. There will also be a review of the DevopsDay Paris conference recapping some of the hot topics and thinking in the Devops community.

Bio: Andy has worked in the "digital" industry in Leeds since 1994, he has a range of skills from development, infrastructure, operations and project management. Andy is the founder of the LeedsDevops group which been running for 18 months and is attracting large crowds and speakers from a range of local and national devops players. He's recently presented an ignite at DevopsDays Paris on running a Devops meetup group.

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