12th Feb, Transitioning a QA team to agile testing + Developer adventures in the clouds

Post date: Feb 01, 2013 7:19:18 AM

Transitioning a QA team to Agile testing

An experience report from Clement Pickering, Callcredit, a fast-growing company based in Leeds which now follows (or attempts to follow) agile development methodology. The talk aims to share experiences gained on the journey from a traditional focussed QA team (and what this meant!) to an agile testing approach (and what this means!). Approached from three key angles, People and Mindset, Strategy and Approach and Tools and Techniques the talks goal is to share thoughts, observations and knowledge with attendees and initiate discussion on others experience

Clement Pickering has been with the Callcredit group for over 13 years leading Development teams in creating a wide range of products for the financial services industry. He has long been an advocate of agile development practices and the philosophy that underpins agile as he passionately believes it helps teams deliver more effectively. He has been involved for many years in helping Callcredit adopt agile practices and in his current role has most recently focussed on helping the QA community and project teams within Callcredit get to grips with agile testing.

Developer adventures in the clouds

A short account of what it was possible to build without stepping outside the confines of a browser. It touches on Cloud 9 IDE, GitHub, javascript, qUnit and a number of other high scoring items from geek buzz word bingo.

Neil McLaughlin is a freelance developer/coach/scrum master who enjoys building stuff and helping teams to enjoy building stuff.