11th October, Working With Legacy Code Workshop

Post date: Oct 05, 2011 10:31:24 PM

For next weeks meetup we'll be doing a hands on session looking at techniques for working with legacy code.

The workshop will require us to have enough laptops for everyone to pair and a development IDE such as Visual Studio or Eclipse - so if you have a laptop then bring it along. The material will be language agnostic but with my background in static typed languages I would be interested to see how the exercises work in a dynamic language. The exercises won't tax the knowledge of the syntax of the language you choose to use so don't be put off if your coding is a little rusty :)

Also, I'm aware that we have lurched towards the developer end of the spectrum for the last couple of meetings and in a few conversations with members of the QA/PM community they have expressed concern at this. There is some initial interest in running a parallel session to discuss agile processes and documentation in a highly regulated environment. Keep an eye on the mailing list to see how this evolves .

We have plenty of space at Old Broadcasting House and could easily run parallel sessions if anyone wanted to do something around other areas of agile software development. Feel free to kick off an idea - even if it is just a discussion you want to have. I think it would be great if we could be a forum for various disciplines to come together but not to be reduced to talking just about the common denominators of agile.

Please post any thoughts to the mailing list?