11th Feb. Seb Rose and Bad test, good test + Andy Burgin with a DevOps 101

Post date: Jan 14, 2014 7:18:6 AM

The best product development teams can turn on a sixpence and loose nothing. They release production code like a ticking clock and are as predictable as any time piece. How do they do it? Part of the answer lies with engineering investment that shrinks lead times and drives down the cost of repetitive tasks. This months speakers are experts in their field and contributors to this body of knowledge. If your business needs a competitive edge listening to Seb Rose and Andy Burgin is a good place to start.

Seb Rose and Bad test, good test

Foundational unit testing techniques are often taken for granted, but are an essential underpinning for delivering simple, maintainable software. The tests need to assist software development not hinder it, and to that end need to be flexible, robust, comprehensible and performant. If you find yourself fighting your test suite, then something is wrong.In this session, we re-examine the basics of a unit test. We will work through a number of examples with continuous input from attendees. Each example will start with a real life test and we will work through any issues identified till we're happy that it's as good as we can get it.

Although this session is not specifically about the testability of software, this will necessarily be touched upon as we consider some test cases. Examples will be written in several common languages, but knowledge of all (or any) of them is not a pre-requisite.

Bio: Coach, Designer, Analyst and Developer for over 30 years.

I have been involved in the full development lifecycle with experience that ranges from Architecture to Support, from BASIC to Ruby. Recently I have been helping teams adopt and refine their agile practices, with a particular focus on automated testing.

Regular speaker at conferences and occasional contributor to software journals.

Contributing author to ""97 Things Every Programmer Should Know"" - O'Reilly. Currently writing The Cucumber-JVM Book for the Pragmatic Programmers. Twitter: @sebrose Website: www.claysnow.co.uk

Andy Burgin from LeedsDevops on DevOps 101

Everyone likes a buzzword and "Devops" certainly is one, but like all buzzwords everyone seems to have a slightly different definition. So in this presentation I'll tell you what devops is, where it came from, why you should be interested and how you can benefit.

Bio: Andy has worked in the "digital" industry in Leeds since 1994, he has a range of skills from development, infrastructure, operations and project management. Andy is the founder of the LeedsDevops group which although in its early days has been gathering interest from a number of companies in Leeds both large and small. Twitter: @leedsdevops Website: www.leedsdevops.org.uk