10th March: Micro Services + Team Based Iterative Consulting

Post date: Mar 03, 2015 4:49:19 PM

Bio: James is an experienced Agilist working in the testing arena. He loves supporting a team in making improvements. He works with the TORG team - Torg.thetestpeople.com where he focuses on Agile Test Consultancy.



In 2014 TheTestPeople formed TORG a team with a mandate to impact clients strategically through technology, process optimisation and knowledge transfer. Through a process of continuous improvement anchored by retrospectives and lean startup inspired feedback from clients TORG have developed a model for team based iterative consultancy that is wildly successful. This model, based on principles, core patterns and optional patterns is open source. This talk is part experience report part manifesto.

The monoliths have you! With their ""all in one place"" tens-of-projects solutions, entangled dependencies and tied down release schedules, they are restricting your creativity and your company's profits. Allow me to show you how Micro Services can lead you to a path of better delivery, as Netflix and Amazon, among many, have discovered. It's not a decision to be taken lightly - we had to work through issues on various fronts while breaking monoliths into Micro Services, as a small team in a not so big company. I hope to give you a way to tame your monoliths and make development truly Agile and a pleasure, sharing some tips and resources to get started. My lead developer at the time, who's been enhancing the implementation, should hopefully be around to answer any queries you may have for him.

Bio: "With a variety of jobs and a former career under my belt, I've found what I love in Agile software development.

An exponent of Test Driven Design/Development and Design Patterns, I aim to guide the development process so that the right design decisions are made at every stage of software development. Always on the lookout to expand my horizons, Micro Services and Big Data have got me excited like few things before.



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