10th June Meetup: Nick McKenna and Craig Norton

Post date: May 24, 2014 9:55:0 AM

The yin and yang of process and technology in delivering value will be addressed at the June meeting by Nick and Craig. In his provocatively titled presentation "There Is No Agile" Nick McKenna will set out to challenge our assumptions about Agile projects and the world of cargo cult agile adoptions. You will need to come along with an open and enquiring mind.

Craig will be giving us an overview of AngularJS. AngularJS is a framework which appears to be standing above the plethora of JavaScript MVC/MVVM frameworks which have appeared over the last couple of years. He will be suggesting why anyone involved in agile web development should be taking note.

Nick McKenna: There Is No Agile

What I've learned over my last 7 "agile" years is that no agile projects are ever the same. No two environments are the same and no two teams are the same. What works for one team may not work for another team. What works for one team on one project may not work for the same team on the next project. I have learned that just because you are doing Scrum does not mean you are doing agile or good project management! It is entirely possible to do non-agile Scrum!!! Just because you have a kanban board does not mean you are lean or agile. It just means you have a kanban board. This talk will ask “Are we actually doing agile?”.Bio: Nick McKenna, @nickmckenna is an Agile software development guru based in Harrogate. He is currently CEO of McKenna Consultants who develop and test bespoke mobile, web and Windows software for all manner of weird and wonderful applications!

Craig Norton: What is angular and why use it?

Even if you don't keep up with the latest in the web community you've probably heard of angular and/or single page applications (SPAs). Angular is the oldest and most popular SPA framework available today. Single page applications can provide a better end-user experience and developing with angular makes building rich client-side applications very straight-forward. This session will introduce the core concepts of angular and the benefits it can bring when building your next web application.Bio: Craig is a software developer with an interest building software more quickly and reliably through process and tooling.