10th January, An Extreme Hour

Post date: Jan 06, 2012 8:29:52 AM

Our first Agile Yorkshire of 2012 focusses on Extreme Programming (XP). Thanks, yet again, to NTI Leeds for lending us the space at Old Broadcasting House, Leeds.


18:30 Networking And Lightning Talks - starting with XP in 10 Slides

19:00 Kick Start Briefing

19:30 Extreme Hour: GO!

20:30 Retrospective

21:00 Discussions@thepub

Kent Beck published Extreme Programming Explained over a decade ago but - reading the book again - it still seems fresh. Extreme Programming (XP) is an incremental agile method, lighter than Scrum or DSDM and with less ceremony, most useful for teams towards the smaller end of the spectrum. In 2009, Capers Jones found XP to be one of the key factors for success for projects in the 1000 Function Point scale (with Agile and contemporary high-level languages). Time to take a look again at XP, and dissect why - and when - it works.

For January 2012, Agile Yorkshire features an Extreme Hour: a one hour process miniature. In this hands-on exercise, small teams will use XP to develop paper prototypes for a mystery product. No coding experience need, just a steady hand with pen and scissors. An introduction to XP will be provided. The evening will end with discussion reflecting on our experiences.

Something for everyone and all welcome.

Hosted by Grant Crofton and Robert Burrell Donkin.