Code And Coffee



Every Wednesday morning

Time and Where

    • Leeds : 8 am, La Bottega Milanase, Bond Court, Leeds (map)

More info

Search twitter for #codeandcoffee plus #leeds or #york for last minute news and info.

Code & Coffee is an informal get together to write some code in the morning before the real job kicks in. There are no requirements other than the willingness to sit down, pair up, and learn something new. We're going with mornings because the evenings are full enough as it is. If you're interested in joining in, just show up. No invite needed and you don't need to RSVP. Coffee not provided, but it's just a few steps away.


Code and Coffee has been running since Feb 2013 as a meeting point for developers where the main focus is on crafting code, hopefully in pairs, with some good discussions along the way.

See you there!


A typical C&C starts at 8 am with some people heading off at around 9 while others stay on until late morning as a break from home working or office distractions. Some enlightened employers have allowed participants to use their professional development time to attend C&C. C#, Scala, Python, F#, Java and Javascript projects have all been worked on recently over a pot of the finest Columbian breakfast blend.

If the idea appeals then turn up next Wednesday (or any subsequent Wednesday) bringing an enquiring mind and possibly a side project. If you don't have a laptop or a project of your own then take to twitter (using #leeds or #york and #codeandcoffee) ahead of the meeting to offer to pair program and someone will certainly take up the offer.