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The 2016 Agile Yorkshire Annual Lightning Talks!

posted 9 Nov 2016, 16:34 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Nov 2016, 16:43 ]
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Its that time again already. The annual Agile Yorkshire Lightning Talk Competition is fast approaching. It's an Xmas tradition to make the December 13th meeting a celebration of community speaking, with prizes to boot. If you don't know what a lightning talk is there are lots of resources around and don't worry it's very simple...

(event on Tuesday Dec 13th)

A ten minute Lightning Talk for Agile Yorkshire's December 13th 2016 meetup should:
  • Probably have a maximum of six slides (maybe none).
  • Be on a topic you already know quite well.
  • Be interesting to our audience but could be about pretty much anything.
  • Be possible to completely script (if that’s your style).
  • Not be a second more than ten minutes.
  • Win you a SIGNIFICANT prize on the night if you put your mind to it.
Here's some of the topics from past events:
  • The One Bad Thing about BDD
  • Finding a School - Code vs MumsNet
  • Sketchnoting Agile (one doodle at a time)
  • How cars work
  • 10 simple ways to help your team run like clockwork 
  • How To Write Bad Code
  • How to Bridge the Dev-DBA chasm?
  • Resistance when Transitioning From Waterfall to Agile Scrum
  • ScrumBan vs Sprint

And don't forget there will be significant speaker prizes on the night.