James Hull Presents - We Become What We Behold: Sociology, Software and Conway's Law

posted 14 Mar 2017, 05:02 by Royd Brayshay

If you don't know about Conway's Law then James Hull's presentation here is a great introduction. If you're familiar with it already then this is still worth watching to explore the topic more deeply and realise it may be unavoidable. With a fuller understanding it could even be harnessed for a positive effect. Whatever your conclusion a rounded appreciation of the topic is essential for any product development organisation.

James Hull at Agile Yorkshire

Stephen Mounsey Talks About Listening: An essential skill for software testers

posted 14 Mar 2017, 03:51 by Royd Brayshay

What does it mean to truly listen, Stephen Mounsey talks about listening skills and testing. Of course it isn't just testers that need to do this, everyone involved in the software product development pipeline needs to be aware of how to listen as an essential part of communication at all levels.

Stephen Mountsey at Agile Yorkshire

Geoff Watts Explains What Really is Agile Coaching?

posted 14 Mar 2017, 03:14 by Royd Brayshay

As the UK's first Scrum Trainer and author of The Coach's Casebook: Mastering The Twelve Traits That Trap Us, Geoff Watts knows a thing or two about coaching agile teams. What you may not know is he is also a practising sports coach and qualified leadership coach so has a depth of knowledge across coaching landscape and can put into perspective what is means to be an agile coach and delve into how it can be effective.

Geoff Watts at Agile Yorkshire

Victoria Cassells Explores the Advantage of Servant Leadership for You and Your Organisation?

posted 14 Mar 2017, 02:56 by Royd Brayshay

"Work on working together" is a foundation principle for many lean / agile organisations and transformation methods and alongside that the phrase servant leadership often crops up. However while it's easy to say what it actually means may be less well understood. Victoria Cassells talks about servant leadership, it's association with the work on Robert Greenleaf, what being a servant leader means and as importantly what it doesn't mean.

Victoria Cassells at Agile Yorkshire

Colin Jones Working on Connecting Agile Processes to Business Strategy

posted 14 Mar 2017, 02:40 by Royd Brayshay   [ updated 14 Mar 2017, 02:45 ]

Agile tooling is always a hot topic within product development teams with differing views around effectiveness. There's a balance to strike between encouraging people to work together and communicate directly and the convenience of data collection plus asynchronous communication often needed by distributed teams and wider stakeholders. Toyota use the word "jidoka" meaning automation with a human touch to describe machine automation that can make simple judgements and stop when quality problems arise. They strive for the right kind of automation. The parallels are not exactly the same but a similarity in approach may be appropriate and the impact tooling has on feedback loops for instance. Colin Jones is an architect who has been pondering these problems and here, in true agile style, seeks feedback on some of his collaboration tooling ideas.

Colin Jones at Agile Yorkshire
Colin Jones at Agile Yorkshire

The 2016 Agile Yorkshire Annual Lightning Talks!

posted 9 Nov 2016, 16:34 by Neil McLaughlin   [ updated 9 Nov 2016, 16:43 ]

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Its that time again already. The annual Agile Yorkshire Lightning Talk Competition is fast approaching. It's an Xmas tradition to make the December 13th meeting a celebration of community speaking, with prizes to boot. If you don't know what a lightning talk is there are lots of resources around and don't worry it's very simple...

(event on Tuesday Dec 13th)

A ten minute Lightning Talk for Agile Yorkshire's December 13th 2016 meetup should:
  • Probably have a maximum of six slides (maybe none).
  • Be on a topic you already know quite well.
  • Be interesting to our audience but could be about pretty much anything.
  • Be possible to completely script (if that’s your style).
  • Not be a second more than ten minutes.
  • Win you a SIGNIFICANT prize on the night if you put your mind to it.
Here's some of the topics from past events:
  • The One Bad Thing about BDD
  • Finding a School - Code vs MumsNet
  • Sketchnoting Agile (one doodle at a time)
  • How cars work
  • 10 simple ways to help your team run like clockwork 
  • How To Write Bad Code
  • How to Bridge the Dev-DBA chasm?
  • Resistance when Transitioning From Waterfall to Agile Scrum
  • ScrumBan vs Sprint

And don't forget there will be significant speaker prizes on the night.

A pragmatic intro to Lean principles with Jon Terry at Agile Yorkshire

posted 7 Nov 2016, 00:28 by Royd Brayshay   [ updated 7 Nov 2016, 00:29 ]

As the CEO of LeanKit Jon Terry has spent a lot of time thinking about the lean / agile development landscape as it exists with modern software product development. Here, he runs through an odyssey of the concepts and how they relate to each other in a refreshing and certification brand agnostic fashion. As a grounding in the lean and agile body of knowledge this is a great presentation helped by Jon's deep understanding of the science behind the practices.

Jon Terry at Agile Yorkshire

An Alternative Approach to Agile Analysis with Josh Lynas

posted 7 Nov 2016, 00:15 by Royd Brayshay

Josh Lynas talks about his work as a business analyst, how it's changed and how he's changed what he does, what's worked and what's not. An excellent dive into what happens on the ground in an effective team with brisk throughput.

Josh Lynas at Agile Yorkshire

Ian Ellison on Space vs Place and What Matters to People About Workspace?

posted 6 Nov 2016, 23:56 by Royd Brayshay   [ updated 6 Nov 2016, 23:59 ]

A good number people reading this who've tried to make some changes in their workplace to accommodate popular agile practices like visual management, or sitting together will have come into contact with the company facilities department. These folk, often referred to as the furniture police, have the thankless job of maintaining a safe, productive and pleasant working environment. However they don't always have a reputation for being keen to listen to the needs of individual teams even if the promise of better outcomes is on the table. Ian Ellison talks about his background in corporate facilities and his more recent academic career and doctoral research into working environments and considers workspace versus workplace. He covers the different approaches taken by businesses, what people often sight as being important and how they may or may not align.

Ian Ellison at Agile Yorkshire

Code of Conduct and Supporting Diversity

posted 16 Aug 2016, 19:59 by Royd Brayshay   [ updated 5 Nov 2016, 04:38 by Neil McLaughlin ]

Diversity and Codes of Conduct are both topics that are regularly discussed within the conference organising blogosphere and to a lesser extent within community groups. We've tried a few things to encourage more diversity both within our meetup attendees and the speakers but we're definitely not claiming any victories yet. It's a work in progress. At different times of the year and with all the organising done in spare time, it's not always easy to find any speakers for our gatherings. Trying to be selective enough to create any kind of diversity balance is currently only an ambition. 

Agile Yorkshire supporting the Diversity Charter
It's an ambition we will keep pursuing but the least we could do to demonstrate our desire for change is to sign up to the recently published Diversity Charter. You can read all the details and sign up yourself on the Diversity Charter website and hopefully lots of people will and should.

Reading the Diversity Charter also prompted the admission that Agile Yorkshire still had no code of conduct and for that fix was in order. An evening of internet research turns of lots of useful resources for conference organisers though a fewer aimed specifically at community groups.
Here's a small collection of excellent resources on the subject:

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