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December 13th - Annual Lightning Talks

posted 6 Dec 2016, 10:45 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 08:19 ]
Agile Yorkshire Lightning Talks Competition
Every year around Christmas we host the annual Agile Yorkshire Lightning Talk Competition. It's an Xmas tradition to make the December 13th meeting a celebration of community speaking, with prizes to boot. If you haven't been before then you've definitely missed out on a quite a bit of fun and an opportunity to be inspired. 

The topics are now confirmed!

David Oakes"Do You Trust Your Dog ?" - All about building and developing trusting relationships
Andy BurginHello, this is Windows support desk...

This is the humerous tale of when the support scammers picked on the wrong guy. I'll explain how on two occasions I spent over an hour winding up a fake support company. I'll explain many of the petty and annoying techniques I used to cause the poor "support" team to despair at my self imposed inept abilities and why they resorted to calling me a "monkey". But there is a serious side to this and hopefully you'll take the "funnies" from this and share it with those who might be at risk.
Tom CraneDifferent types of failure
Adam Mitchell Why Triathlon is better than football
Steve TrappsThe problem with Agile is...
Mr Ethar AlaliMonsterLith Inc: A Tale of two Ditties
Dave LiveseyGeospatial for dummies - why mapping matters
Daniel DrozdzewskiWhy does your browser think #chucknorris is a color ?
Naeem Sarfraz"You built what I asked for, it's not what I needed"

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