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8th May, Testing for Everyone, Ady Stokes + Lightning Talks

posted 25 Apr 2012, 02:40 by Agile Yorkshire   [ updated 5 May 2012, 03:43 ]
  • 7:00 - Lightning talk #1: Experiences with Unit/Integration/GUI testing on a new project from Ian Stafford
  • 7:15 - Main Talk: Testing For Everyone from Ady Stokes

Testing For Everyone

At Chris Moran’s talk on Test Management there was a glimpse of the old ‘why do we need specialist testers’ argument.

The standard response is, ‘because testers have a different mindset.’  But rarely have I heard an explanation of what that mindset is.
Over approx 45 minutes I hope to give some insight into the testers mindset, do a 10 minute exercise about testing and offer some suggestions on how requirements can be tested.

If anyone would like to to a short (~10) presentation prior to Ady's talk then drop an email to It can be on interesting methods/technology you are using or simply a discussion you want to have.