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9th Dec - David Joyce and Peter Camfield from BBC Worldwide

posted 4 Nov 2009, 14:32 by Agile Yorkshire   [ updated 15 Dec 2009, 15:36 ]

  • David Joyce, BBC Worldwide, Kaban For Software Engineering
  • Peter Camfield, BBC Worldwide, Why do we code?
This meeting will be a special end of year event held at Old Broadcasting House (

The evening will run from 6:30 until 9:00 with snacks and drinks provided. Afterwards the conversation will continue as we head down to the German Market at Millennium Square for some Bratwurst and mulled wine.

Kaban For Software Engineering


Kanban focuses on becoming successful, which may lead to being Agile. Lean is a set of principles that are being applied to software engineering by a growing number of practitioners. Kanban is a true pull system implementation in software engineering. The five pillars of Lean, which Kanban fully implements are pull, continuous flow, customer value, waste elimination and continuous improvement. The Principles of Kanban are: to agree a team capacity, to limit WIP (Work in Process) to that capacity, to pull value through the value stream, and to make both work and workflow visible. It has proven easy to adopt and lowers resistance to change. The result is a gradual, incremental approach to change that is empowering for everyone.


David is an agile development manager and coach with 12 years technical team management and coaching experience, and 20 years software development experience.
In recent years, using Scrum and XP, David has coached onshore and offshore development teams and successfully launched an internet video startup from inception to launch. David currently works for BBC Worldwide as a Development Manager, coaching teams on Scrum, Lean and Kanban. David is a certified Scrum Master and Lean practitioner.

Why do we code?


A group activity which explores the motivations for becoming/being software engineers. By understanding what motivates software developers we can learn more about others and ourselves. In particular we can learn what behaviours software developers should avoid, reduce or increase given our understanding.


Peter has been developing software professionally for the last 12 years. His current role as a software developer and coach is focused on improving the quality of the code developed at BBC Worldwide.

Resources from the presentations

Useful Links from David

Lean software development - Systems Thinking, Mary Poppendieck

Systems Thinking Cultural change is free

Lean software development - achieving better requirements

High level overview of Systems Thinking, Agile and Real Options for the executive level

My talk which was filmed, coming soon

Kanban training session

Useful links from Pete

Dan North - creator of Behaviour Driven Development explains Features and Scenarios including the Given - When - Then format

This one focuses on a understanding TDD and the reasons for creating BDD

He also has a parable on metrics

Here a couple of links on Feature Injection - A technique that builds on Dan's original idea

Photos from "Why Do We Code" session