Wed 12th Dec: The 2018 Xmas Lightning Talks Competition

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Xmas Lightning Talks Competition

Eventbrite - December 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

There's a frost in the air, the Leeds Christkindelmarkt has covered Millennium Square and Amazon is quaking under the consumer onslaught. It's time once again for the Xmas Lightning Talks Competition - with real significant prizes. It's a quick fire evening of oratory with a fantastic line up of speakers plucked from the AY crowd and there'll be mince pies to set the mood, culminating in prizes for everyone and an overall winner voted for by the audience.

Speaker Lineup

  1. Krystan Honour - People are lazy - Try to contain yourselves.
  2. Iain Thackrah - What actually is gamification?
  3. James Scanlan - Will James get coal for Christmas? Can AI tell us?
  4. Adam Mitchell - Why everyone should work in aviation ....just once though!
  5. Brian Teeman - <html> The Missing Tag
  6. Crispin Read - Mentoring - what's in it for me?
  7. Andy Burgin - Creating an Inclusive Tech Conference

Wed 14th Nov: David Harper - It's Alright for You....You've Had Cancer! plus Sharon Dale - How might we involve and unleash everyone?

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We're back after two months off with two great speakers and two great topics. David Harper reflects on his former role as CIO to give a sneak peek into boardroom IT decision making and Sharon Dale will throw some light onto the Liberation Structures body of knowledge. Plus the venue is back at the Platform office above Leeds train station.
Also its that time of year where we start thinking about our annual Lightning Talks Competition that we have held as our December meetup for a good number of years now. We'll be announcing the CALL FOR SPEAKERS in the next few days, so get your thinking caps on!
Eventbrite - November 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

David Harper at Agile Yorkshire

David Harper - It's Alright for You....You've Had Cancer!

An engaging, witty and at times irreverent look at why ‘the Grown-Ups’ in Board Meetings and Steering Groups make the decisions they do. And how they all love Agile – until it requires a big decision! By taking us on his own unique journey from IT Coder to CIO, David shares his own techniques on how to survive in the Boardroom as the ‘IT Guy’ representing Agile projects, and how his own adversity has unlocked a fear he has held since childhood.
For anyone frustrated by the apparent lack of understanding of Agile in the Boardroom or mystified by the Waterfall or Fragile decisions that often come back – this is the session for you!

Bio: David has over 20 years experience of delivering major projects and programmes of change in Financial Services and 30 years IT experience. Most recently he was CIO for a £4bn business,  collaborating closely with a number outsourcing partners and suppliers to deliver game changing outcomes. He is a strong advocate of Systems Thinking and has employed ST techniques to significantly reduce the cost of change programmes. David’s exposure to Agile has been through his leadership and mentoring of a number of Agile teams delivering both short term outcomes and multi million pound whole system replacements. Consistently David has been the bridge between the Scrum Teams and the Board Room, making sense of the illogical and managing the unreasonable. His mentees describe him as an “outstanding mentor” with an “engaging and inspiring” style. “He has a calm air but an acute sense of timing when things need to be shaken up or difficult questions asked” was a recent quote from a Programme Sponsor of a major Agile undertaking.
In 2017 David formed HARPER360, a consultancy dedicated to coaching individuals and teams in Project and Change Management, particularly in the IT Domain. HARPER360 can already count a number of bluechip brands within its client base.
Twitter: @harper_360 or website:

Sharon Dale at Agile Yorkshire

Sharon Dale - How might we involve and unleash everyone?

A treasure trove of simple, practical methods to stimulate critical conversations and liberate the full potential of any group, from the frontline to the C- suite.""Cheryl M Scott – Global Programs Senior Advisor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
What would be made possible if you could unleash the intelligence and creativity of everyone? Liberating Structures are a collection of easy-to-learn facilitation patterns that make this possible. They're field tested, rooted in complexity science and freely shared under a creative commons licence.
In this short session, participants will gain practical hands-on experience of at leas one Structure, and an appreciation of some of the possibilities offered.

Bio: Sharon is an independent consultant based in Leeds, UK. She is most interested in creating the conditions for participation and unleashing talent in your teams. She runs the Liberating Structures practice group in Leeds and is part of the team who run the worldwide virtual user group.

Wed 8th Aug: Adam Mitchell - We Lost How Much Money? plus Chris Warren - To the Left to the Left, Everything I Test in a Box to the Left...

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Software product design and engineering is an area rich in opinions and historic working practice. Also the modern agile methods prescribe many practices which may work for you if followed carefully but can just as easily lead to "cargo cult" activities that deliver no real business benefit. Going back to first principles and understanding some of the economics of software product development and understanding HOW Scrum, Kanban or <insert favourite method here> can deliver more value for the same cost is liberating. It unlocks a new ability to adapt popular practices to any circumstance and ensure the business benefits in the way expected. Adam Mitchell brings his knowledge and experience to this months meetup to explain some of the mysteries of product development economics. Chris Warren will also share his experience of shifting focus to the "left of the board" when building a top performing test strategy.

Eventbrite - August 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

*** Attention (see below) - The Venue for this Month Has Changed ***

Adam Mitchell at Agile Yorkshire
Adam Mitchell - We Lost How Much Money?

Cost of delay should be the biggest factor when deciding what order to queue work - yet it is very rarely used and not properly understood by most business's. This interactive session will go through what we mean by value, how we perceive it and how to best use it in prioritising work. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with Don Reinertsen, probably the leading authority on product flow alive today. This session talks through some of his learnings and puts them into a practical context that you can use tomorrow with your teams.

Bio: I stumbled across agile and lean working about 15 years when I was a developer - it was love at first sight. The transparency, the focus on value and the autonomy all seemed to make so much sense why weren't companies adopting it! 
I've spent the last 5 years as an enterprise agile coach helping clients throughout Europe, UAE and Asia with their digital transformation programs. I do a mix of agile coaching, consultancy and training. I'm badged with Scrum Alliance, a trainer for Scaled Agile and a proper kanban geek - agile is a broad church that welcomes all. My most important areas of focus are; empathetic change that will last, growing lean leaders and creating highly motivated autonomous teams of teams. Any spare time that the family and Bauer the dog don't consume is focused on triathlon.

Chris Warren at Agile Yorkshire
Chris Warren - To the Left to the Left, Everything I Test in a Box to the Left...

I would like to tell my story about how I started focusing my attention on the right side of the board but slowly started to shift to the left. The journey starts with me picking up work in the ‘Test’ column without much involvement earlier in the process and continues today with me spending most of my time testing the requirements in an Analysis stage and working with the team to ensure testing is baked in throughout the process.

Bio: I’ve been a software test consultant for nearly 8 years working in a variety of sectors across numerous roles mainly in performance and automation. My current engagement is for a consumer finance company who want to give their major platform a facelift. I’m part of an alleged scrum team tasked with breaking down the businesses epics and turning them into working software.
Twitter: @bantam_chris

Venue for August

We've lost our space at Platform so we're trying our a new venue. Agile Yorkshire will take place on the 1st Floor of what was the White Cloth Gallery behind Leeds train station. The address is given below and there is a picture of the building and front door also.

White Cloth Gallery and entrance to offices
1st floor, Aireside House
24-26 Aire Street
West Yorkshire

Travelling by Train

The venue is 1 minutes walk when exiting the station at the door next to Wetherspoons

Travelling by Car

There is parking very close by in the station or cheaper parking further down Whitehall Road.

Mon 16th July - Tony Heap on Options Engineering and James Sheasby Thomas with QA and Testing - a Retrospective

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In a fight (for attention) between Agile Yorkshire and the England World Cup semi final match we expected Agile Yorkshire to come of worst. Obviously the Agile Yorkshire community is full of dedicated and passionate lean / agile practitioners but we figured we should move aside for this "once in a generation" moment and reschedule our meetup from the normal second Wednesday. Hopefully that's OK with most.

Eventbrite - July 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

*** Attention (read carefully) - The Venue for this Month Has Changed ***

White Cloth Gallery and office entrance door
We're changing venue for this month because our home on Floor 10 of the Platform building above the station has been rented out and there isn't an alternate space that's appropriate. Therefore we're on the move and for this month it's going to be on the first floor of what was The White Cloth Gallery on Aire Street behind the station. Full details of the venue address are show at the bottom of this event page.

Tony Heap: Options Engineering

There are always options. But when making business and IT change, we often forget to consider them, to the detriment of the overall outcome. The reason for this is the way the human mind processes ideas, and dates back to the cognitive revolution around 70,000 years ago.
In this session you will learn:
- How humans have ideas and make decisions
- Why considering options is so powerful, and yet so hard
- How to overcome these difficulties - a structured, yet lightweight, approach that I like so much I decided to give it a name

Bio: Tony Heap is a freelance agile coach / trainer / scrum master / business analyst designer based in Yorkshire. He has worked for all sorts of clients including HMRC, YBS Group, ASDA, Morrisons, NHS, DoH, RWE nPower, Arcadia, BT, BarclayCard and Egg, in some cases partnering with consultancies such as Equal Experts, BJSS and Answer Consulting. In his spare time he likes to share his experiences and ideas on his blog He is particularly interested in agile approaches and how they apply to business analysis. He is a requirements denier.
Twitter: @tonyheapuk Website:

James Sheasby Thomas: QA and Testing - a Retrospective

The term 'Quality Assurance' has a controversial reputation within the testing community - quality is subjective, so it cannot be assured, although it can be assessed, analysed, advocated for, questioned or improved. However it's also arguable that 'Testing' does not fully describe what modern testers do and the impact they can have on project success. Could there be a better label for the role that QA/Testing professionals perform in an agile context?
In this talk, James will discuss the limitations of both 'QA' and 'Testing' as labels, as well as previous attempts to define them. He will also explore the many ways that QAs/Testers in agile teams use their time and skills to help ensure project success and meaningful quality, and situations where our role overlaps with others. Attendees will be invited to contribute to the discussion and suggest possible alternative labels to 'QA' and 'Testing'.

Bio: James Sheasby Thomas is currently a Test Analyst for Inviqa, an established technical partner company based in the UK and Germany. His most popular talk is `Accessibility Testing Crash Course', which he presented at TestBash Manchester 2017, Leeds Test Atelier, Leeds Tester Gathering and Liverpool Tester Gathering. 
Twitter: @RightSaidJames

Venue for July

We've lost our space at Platform so we're trying our a new venue. For July Agile Yorkshire will take place on the 1st Floor of what was the White Cloth Gallery behind Leeds train station. The address is given below and there is a picture of the building and front door also.

White Cloth Gallery and entrance to offices
1st floor, Aireside House
24-26 Aire Street
West Yorkshire

Travelling by Train

The venue is 1 minutes walk when exiting the station at the door next to Wetherspoons

Travelling by Car

There is parking very close by in the station or cheaper parking further down Whitehall Road.

Wed 13th June: Prototyping Public Services - Dennis Vergne plus Blending Agile Delivery - Glenn Crossley & Austen Bell

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The variety and depth of topics covered by speakers is ever expanding. We all know the value and savings made though gaining feedback from users of a system early and often and this month Dennis Vergne shares an approach to system building in the public sector that he's dubbed "whole system prototyping" as a model for doing just that. Plus Austen Bell and Glen Crossley are here to talk about the open source Blended Agile Delivery (BAD) toolkit that has recently emerged from work right here in Leeds.

Eventbrite - June 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

Dennia Vergne at Agile Yorkshire
Prototyping Public Services - Dennis Vergne

We had a theory that Agile is just as well suited to Public Service organisations as it is to Private, software development industries. We proved that theory right. Through 'whole system prototyping' we incorporated Agile, Design and Adaptive Leadership to bring about positive, sustainable change in to UK Public Services. We used these approaches to not only enable better services and achieve savings but also brought about a true sustainable adaptive culture, able to face the future with confidence. I'm looking forward to sharing the what, why and how with you... Maybe even throw in an activity to help explain.

Bio: I have a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks; turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours. Although originally from Holland, most of my work has been within the British public sector, ranging from over thirty local authorities, the NHS, probation services and central government. After gaining an MSc in this field (Oxford - Distinction), I set-up RedQuadrant, a successful full service public sector firm, with Benjamin Taylor in 2007, before becoming Managing Director of Basis.
Twitter: @basisagile Website:

Austen Bell at Agile Yorkshire
Blending Agile Delivery - Glenn Crossley & Austen Bell

An introduction to a blended approach to Agile delivery. There are many tools, techniques and frameworks available, one rarely solves all your challenges. BAD is an open source knowledge base that attempts to share experiences of blending multiple approaches together to experiment, learn and adapt.

Glen Crossley at Agile Yorkshire
The Blended Agile Delivery (BAD) Toolkit is an open source set of tools and techniques that help Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and Teams efficiently plan and deliver managed change within Lean and Agile principles. The toolkit offers a practical approach to the prioritisation, planning and execution of delivery and transformation initiatives. It is the culmination of decades of experience as well as leveraging the experience and knowledge of thought leaders across the globe. Glenn Crossley and Austen Bell are both co-founders of The BAD Toolkit.

Wed 9th May: Simon Cookson - Stakeholder Engagement, Sales Thinking and Should We All Be Product Owners? plus Simeon Smith - Business Analyst, Product Owner or Product Manager?

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Building the right thing and having a good outcome from a software project requires all sides to be wilfully collaborating in a creative and enthusiastic fashion. That may seem obvious and easy but the IT industry has a legacy culture to deal with. It's not uncommon for both sides to be evaluated on meeting deadlines and budget constraints but not always on costs saved or revenue generated by the outcome of a software project. Of course measuring outcomes isn't always easy and bringing people together to collaborate meaningfully when they may also have other day to day tasks to get done is a similar challenge. However in the world of software product development it's people working together that often transforms the outcome and this month our two speakers Simon Cookson and Simeon Smith are both drilling into upstream end of the product development pipeline.

Eventbrite - May 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

Simon Cookson at Agile Yorkshire
Simon Cookson - Stakeholder Engagement, Sales Thinking and  Should We All Be Product Owners?

Simon will explore what agile teams could learn from sales thinking and practice about engaging stakeholders. Talk about how stakeholder engagement can build team resilience and explore whether we should all become mini-product owners.

Bio: Since gaining an MA in Creative Sector Management from The University of Sheffield’s Business School, Simon has worked in digital and creative businesses for over 20 years and his experience centres around sales, marketing and client services. Simon has been involved in founding successful digital start ups, helping build the UK’s first digital bank,and winning and managing multi-million pound digital transformation projects.

Simeon Smith at Agile Yorkshire
Simeon Smith - Business Analyst, Product Owner or Product Manager?

Having been through a few job titles over the past few years (Business Analyst, Product Manager, Product Owner), I’ll be talking through what I think the similarities and differences between the roles are.  I’ll also explain one approach to setting-up teams including these roles which avoids people stepping on each other’s toes. 

Bio: Product Management Consultant with software delivery experience across Healthcare, Sports Betting and Personal Finance. Currently working with Hippo Digital on a front-line NHS delivery.

Wed 11th April: Ian Franklin and Ashley Wheat - Making UX work within Agile and Joe Williams - How Our PO Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MVP

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Software technology keeps marching forward with new ideas and fascinating engineering innovations that can, if allowed to, distract from the job at hand - to provide value through software features that normal humans can actually use. That means delivering value as soon as possible and regularly checking that people can reliably accomplish what they need to quickly and without fuss or lots of training. This month we focus on just this with insight into agile testing of the UX kind with Ian Franklin and Ashley Wheat plus a dip into the world of MVPs and what they can bring to any delivery team with Joe Williams.

Eventbrite - April 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

Ian Franklin and Ashley Wheat - Making UX work within Agile: half-baked? hopeless? Make it stick!

Too often the big blue sky horizon of Agile falls short of its promise when technical delivery takes over and UX design and user needs start to look like a bolt on, a nice to have, and “it's a lovely idea but not now as …. [technical issue fix]”. It's even worse when those above lose sight of the user and start suggesting or imposing user stories and use needs that seem to come from the whims of a stakeholder or outer space.
In the talk Ashley and Ian will cover how to keep UX, user centred design design and user needs alive and kicking throughout Agile process. This will include tricks to keep stakeholders onboard,  how to package UX and user centred design so that it maintains importance, and how to manage upwards when the senior project team are new to Agile roles. 

Ian Franklin at Agile Yorkshire
 Ian is a professionally qualified and accredited business psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working as a consultant in the public and private sectors. His strengths are in culture change, team working (including virtual teams) and design of customer services and the user experience. He is committed to ensuring that design is something which is done with people and not to them. Currently he is developing the user research capability of NHS Digital’s Digital Delivery Centre.

Bio: Ashley is an experienced user researcher with experience working in both academia and industry. He has experience carrying out work on varied projects including military analysis, online gaming and medical applications. He has worked with organisations such as Sky Betting and Gaming and NHS Digital, and is committed to making the voice of users heard in fast paced, Agile environments where they can often go unheard, and making user research something everyone is involved with. Ashley has made a number of publications, presented work at events such as Naturalistic Decision Making and spoken at the World Bank.

Joe Williams - How Our PO Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MVP

When pressed with hard deadlines like the start of the Premier League season and a rapidly changing market, we really had to think about the way we would deliver software. Our product owner wanted frills and bows, but we didn't really have the time to give him either. Instead, we taught him to stop worrying, and love the minimal viable product.
In this talk I'll go over how we optimised our process, learnt to be strict with our product owner, and ultimately delivered the new Sky Sports iOS Enhanced Live player for Premier League fixtures. I'll also talk about the impact of this going forward, and how we extended the player to include EFL fixtures in just 3 points. I'll also talk about how, in my own independent development, I faced the same issues my product owner did, and the issues that arose from that. Hopefully at the end, there'll be something you can take away, whether it be about embracing MVP, or learning that MVP isn't what you think.

Joe Williams at Agile Yorkshire
 I'm developer working at Sky, on some of their biggest apps. I've contributed to Football Score Center, Sky Sports UK, Italia, Germany, and our legacy stuff with a bunch of different, but excellent teams. I've also worked at small start up agencies, in teams of 2 or 3, that are just in the process of embracing Agile. Through these, I've learnt how to refine my own way of working, and also work in teams to find our best way of working. 

Wed 14th March: Laurence Wood on how High Performing Teams Know More About Trust and Andy Butcher on The Shit Nightclub Antipattern

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One of Agile Yorkshire biggest strengths is hearing real life stories and insights from experienced local practitioners. When these stories are shared they a substantially more valuable because they are told along with the circumstances and context within which they relate. Our speakers this month are two excellent example of this. Laurence Wood explores trust between delivery teams and their customers who may often have been used to working with teams delivering in in a traditional project manor with large batches of work and limited or no iteration. Believing in iterative product development often needs to be seen before it is believed. Andy Butcher digs into the emotional attachment that can grip teams and trick them into delivering the wrong thing with frustrating outcomes.

Eventbrite - March 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

Laurence Wood at Agile Yorkshire
Laurence Wood on how High Performing Teams Know More About Trust

Customers can distrust people who limit scope in order to achieve early deliverables. Previous disappointments (they never got the functionality they wanted) mean they assume the first release will actually be the only one. So they include everything in a gold plated wish-list due to a lack of trust. But in a trusted relationship a team will be able to negotiate on scope finding the contingency they require to meet their commitments despite inevitable curve balls. Every Digital Delivery team needs to show they can be trusted. I find it helpful to ask what factors they expect to impact trust in them as a team. This hands-on session shares how IndigoBlue help digital teams to explore reputation and trust.

Bio: Laurence inspires teams and leaders to deliver more value, more often using Agile and Lean in India and the UK. He discovered Lean as a Jaguar Cars apprentice in 1988 supervising V12 and XJS assembly whilst studying Manufacturing Engineering at The University of Birmingham. Ford’s takeover prompted his decision to move fully into IT with RAD (Rapid Application Development) pioneers Marks and Spencer. Freelance development lead roles followed in South Africa, Austria and the UK including Coca Cola, and South African Airways. He later became Development Manager then Divisional Head of IT at Williams Lea in the demanding City of London investment banking arena. His Lean and Agile experience spans 25 years. Now Yorkshire based he likes to help software teams and digital leaders to deliver more value more often with leading consultancy IndigoBlue.

Andy Butcher at Agile Yorkshire
Andy Butcher on The Shit Nightclub Antipattern

Why people and organisations are reluctant to abandon a project or an idea, even when it's clearly rational to do so.

Bio: Solutions Architect at Sky Betting & Gaming. I feel strongly that software development is about people. I'm fascinated by how we can build teams and systems that we feel proud to be involved with.

Tues 13th Feb: Andrew Meyer and Gary Green - Attempting to Create a Dynamic, lean and Innovative Organisation plus Kev McCabe - Core Protocols for Shared Vision

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The software industry has transformed it's self over the past two decades by finding new ways to work that properly recognised the unpredictable, problem solving nature of much of it's work and at the same time reduce risk and significantly increased the rate of value production. The mantra has been to question the cost of every activity in light of the risks it mitigates or the value it realises. This has led to much innovation within the typical product development pipeline and many smaller businesses have capitalised on this as a significant commercial advantage.
Achieving these changes within a small team can transform performance with little disruption however as the size of an organisation increases so does the resistance to change. There are a lot of hearts and minds to realign, right from the coal face to senior leadership teams and resistance normally exists in one form or another at every level. For any large organisation to truly transform it's self and realise the commercial benefits is a long slow process requiring a lot of leadership and good dose of personal risk taking. This month we're going to hear a couple of experience reports that are definitely worth listening too. 

Eventbrite - February 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

Andrew Meyer at Agile Yorkshire Andrew Meyer and Gary Green - Attempting to Create a Dynamic, lean and Innovative Organisation - NHS Digital’s Journey into Agile and DevOps Delivery and What Went Not Quite to Plan 

NHS Digital is the national information and technology partner to the health and social care system, using digital technology to transform the NHS and social care. It’s vision is to harness the power of information and technology to improve health and care. Their systems and information Gary Green at Agile Yorkshirehelps doctors, nurses and the health care professionals improve and make care safer.
Over the passed 3+ years the NHS Digital Delivery Centre has been on a journey to transform itself. It was previously heavily reliant on large managed national services that were expensive and difficult to change. It has quietly and diligently been transforming itself into a Lean, Agile, DevOps capability reducing the cost of national health care solutions by 10’s of millions of pounds.
This talk, is to explore how it started, the transformation journey, where it’s going next and, most importantly, what did we learn.

Bio: Andrew Meyer - Director of the Digital Delivery Centre at NHS Digital
Andrew has a strong background in delivery, with a passion for delivering value and for developing a culture to support high performing teams. Andrew headed up the replacement of a number of key NHS National Services used by 10,000’s of users across the UK, successfully re-developing the service and transitioning it in-house.
He has built the Digital Delivery Centre from a small team of around 25 people to one of around 400; using Lean and Agile tools and techniques to ensure value and quick delivery. Andrew established DevOps teams to build and evolve the national services.

Bio: Gary Green - Principal Consultant, Infinity Works
Gary is a Principal Consultant at Infinity Works and has been working with the NHS Digital Delivery Centre, leading a tribe of over 70 to deliver national services for the NHS. Gary has also been leading the software delivery of a £50m programme providing new products to revolutionise NHS data capabilities and services as well as assisting with Agile organisation design as NHS Digital evolves and grows.

Kev McCabe - Core Protocols for Shared Vision

Kev McCabe at Agile Yorkshire
In this session Kev will give a very brief overview of the Core Protocols and Commitments.
These can be used to create highly performing teams by creating psychologically safe zones.
The Core Protocols are a set of practices that enable people and teams to:
* learn results-oriented behaviours,
* enter a state of shared vision and stay there,
* trust each other,
* stay rational and healthy,
* make decisions effectively, and
* keep moving toward the team's goals.
In this state, teams can be very effective. Teams with these practices innovate, create, and get things done. 

Bio: Kev has worked with large corporations in the Finance, Media, E-commerce and Logistics spaces. With a passion to improve developers from the ground up in all areas of development. He also has a huge Interest in all things Agile since 2002, mainly XP, but of late Scrum & Kanban having become a Certified Scrum Master in 2012 and Accredited Kanban Practitioner in 2013, SAFe agilist in 2015 a Disciplined Agilist (CDA) in 2016 and ICAgile Certified Professional-Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) in 2017.
Twitter: @bigmadkev

Tues 16th Jan: John Le Drew - Diversity, Chocolate and Safe Cracking plus Jon Fulton - Agents of Change

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A new year is upon us with new challenges plus hopefully new goals and new target conditions. We've got some fantastic speakers lined up for the coming months but we're kicking the year off with a couple of people many of you will know. Diversity is regularly in the news these days and John Le Drew is here to prompt us in to thinking why and how this matters to product developments teams. Jon Fulton is back to challenge our own assumptions about us as agile practitioners. As agents of change are we actually helping? 

Eventbrite - January 2018 Agile Yorkshire Meetup

John LeDrew at Agile Yorkshire

John Le Drew - Diversity, Chocolate and Safe Cracking.

Diversity. It's the topic of the hour. Organisations are all putting 'diversity' and 'equal opportunities' on every job ad. But, for some organisations it still seems to be a struggle. What's the goal? Do we want diverse teams because it's the "right thing to do" or is it "good for our teams and organisations"? Are we hiring minorities to keep up with quotas or our competition? This talk will engage the audience in a frank discussion on what diversity is, why we need it and how we might achieve it.

Bio: John has spent most of the last 2 decades working in the software industry, with a focus on web technologies. After 10 years as a software engineer John moved into consultancy where he quickly learned the value of team dynamics and how most technical challenges are projecting underlying issues with collaboration. So his focus shifted, while still being very involved technically, his first focus is on facilitating a safe, creative, collaborative environment.
Twitter: @antz29 Website:
Jon Fulton at Agile Yorkshire

Jon Fulton - Agents of Change

These days social media is awash with stories of ‘fake agile’ and ‘dark scrum’. Has Agile failed? What if it was us, as Agile practitioners, who failed our organisations? What is required of us now, as agents of change?

Bio: Jon spent 12 years as a software developer before finally focusing on Agile Delivery in 2012. Since then he has worked with teams to use Agile and Lean techniques in industries such as Fin-tech, Leisure, Online Gambling, Kids TV, Tourism and Government.

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